ABOUT Coneheads

I'm James Riley, a super keen motorcyclist who enjoys the extreme ends of road riding. I've been riding for over 25 years and intend to keep going for another 25 at least.


I've been practicing Moto Gymkhana for almost 4 years. In that time I have competed in the first 2 seasons of the M-Gymkhana.com World Competition. In 2017 amongst tough competition I gained a respectable 19th place. To improve my skills I would like to travel to Japan (the home of MotoGymkhana), USA (to ride with James Bush the creator of the Online Competition Concept) or Europe to compete and practice inperson with many of those who I have only ever raced with online.

In contrast to the short courses of MotoGymkhana I help run the New Zealand Distance Riders series of rides. These include courses of at least 800km in 12 hours and up to 1600km in 24 hours.

To help make sure I stay on the line whilst on the road I am a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Outside of bikes I will have a go at pretty much anything :-)

ABOUT Motogymkhana

Why Gymkhana?

The Editor of Performance Bikes called it “the most insane, non-lethal motorcycle sport” – what more could you want?

The rewards are great and the risk is small. Riding MotoGymkhana teaches how to handle motorcycles in ways no other motorcycle sport can. These skills help on the track, road, off road or wherever else you ride. Unlike any of these other places a MotoGymkhana course is relatively safe with bumps and bruises being the most common injuries.


About 40 years ago Japanese riders started coming together for fun competitions. Seeing an opportunity to better their products the upcoming bike manufacturers started to get in on the act. This proved to be a great boost for the sport which is now pretty big in Japan. Which is where it stayed until videos started appearing on YouTube. These videos showed riders on huge sports bikes putting them through tight courses of cones at seemingly impossible speeds.

Inspired by these videos pockets of riders in UK, Europe, US and Asia started to hunt out empty car parks and set out cones. As the communities grow the level of competition in these areas is rapidly improving. 

In 2016 m-gymkhana.com from California released the #ConeMonkey with the M-Gymkhana World Competition. This is an online competition where riders compete on a set course by submitting video to Youtube.

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