Compete with Coneheads

Want to race? 
Track options are way too expensive?
Or just too dangerous? 

MotoGymkhana is the answer! The Coneheads Novice Cup is an entry into Gymkhana competition. You can compete on your bike any bike from a 50cc scooter to a 1000cc sports bike or bigger. It's not the bike that wins in MotoGymkhana it's the rider. 

MotoGymkhana is a new sport outside Japan. Australia and New Zealand have only just started to pick up the trend. This series gives incentive to get going and learn the ultimate in Non-Lethal motorcycle sports.

Practicing MotoGymkhana will improve your riding skills. Your improvement becomes measurable by timing your runs. The payoff is in confidence and skill every time you get on a bike.

As the Skill level improves more challenging series will be introduced.

Novice Cup

Restricted to first time and relaxed competitors in Australia and New Zealand. Features:

  • easy courses,

  • relaxed rules and

  • a whole load of fun!

Advanced Cup

Launches in the 2018/2019 season. The top novices will graduate to the Advanced Cup. A few more cones will be needed for the more challenging courses.

Expert Cup

When the Expert Cup is launched many Southern Hemisphere riders will be enjoying the thrills of MotoGymkhana. The skill level will be approaching that of Legend.

Cup of Legends

Every few months on social media a video of a rider in a red bib will do the rounds. They will probably be Japanese and exceptionally fast, The European riders are approaching these levels with only a few years experience. NZ and OZ have the potential to catch them if we start NOW!

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