Coneheads Cup Rules

The rules are here to make the competition fair. Please stick to them so we can all have fun. And remember the organisers decision is final.

Course layout
  • Official cone height is 45cm.

    • Novice class: may use any cone that is visible on the video without penalty. Maximum of 12 cones used.

    • Other classes: The minimum cone height required is 30cm, their use will incur a 1s penalty per run. Maximum of 18 cones used.

  • Start and Stop boxes will always be 2m wide by 3m long.

  • All courses will fit inside of an area 20m by 20m. You will need space around the edges to go round outer cones.

  • Novice Class: May use manual stopwatch to time.

  • Other Classes: Automated timing (IR, laser etc) must be used.

  • Timing to 100th of a second.

  • The entire run must be recorded in one capture. The rider needs to be seen to start and stop in the box.

  • Preferred camera location is in line with the front of the start finish box (it makes post run validation easier).

  • Either a static camera or hand held panning with the rider is acceptable. In either case all cones must be shown in the video.

  • Videos need to be submitted publicly to Youtube, Vimeo or other repository. Include the following information in the description and, if possible, overlaid on the video:

    • the #hashtag for the current course e.g. #1718ConeheadsNovice1.

    • Your name.

    • Time for the run.

    • (You can add more information but this is the important stuff.)

Time penalties
  • 1 second: cone touch, foot down (tap).

  • 3 seconds: missing jink line, multiple foot down (waddle), not stopping in the finish box boundaries.

  • Disqualified for missing obstacle, riding an obstacle in the wrong direction.

Scoring points
  • Riders will be given points based on their position for each course. Points will be awarded as follows:

    • 1st = 25, 2nd = 20, 3rd = 16, 4th = 13, 5th = 11, 6th = 10, 7th = 9, 8th = 8, 9th = 7, 10th = 6, 11th = 5, 12th = 4, 13th = 3, 14th = 2, 15th = 1.

  • In the event 2 riders have the same verified time they will both score the higher of the points.

  • After all rounds are complete, the points will be added and prizes awarded as per the competition homepage.

  • In the event of a draw or dispute, the organiser's decision will be final.

  • This activity involves motorcycles you participate in it under your own risk.

  • or its members do not accept any liability for damages to yourself or your property or any third party related claims whilst undertaking any Coneheads or related activities.

  • we expect you to wear appropriate protective clothing at all times and conduct yourselves in a social manner, respectful of others.

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